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It must be NOW.



You know me as a photographer who travels the world capturing the most beautiful places, hotels and homes in the best light and angles.
This is a great way to discover and get to know the world. My webpage shows you some of the most captivating, stylish and secluded places on the planet. These places fortunately still exist, however, the reality around them is threatened.

We are all aware of global warming and pollution having a dramatic effect on our environment all the way to the remotest regions of our planet.  The travel industry is now the fifth largest polluter of carbon on earth after China, USA, EU and India, and this is the causing our climate to change dangerously.   It is time for each one of us to take action and responsibility: The New York Times major climate report.

Onno & Alexa Poortier launched in 2017 and I have joined as a visual consultant. The priority is to grow a global community and to help the conscious traveller make smarter choices on where to go and who to stay with.  Please read our online itmustbeNOW Magazine.  

It is our joint mission to boldly advance sustainability, social responsibility and principled business practice in the hospitality industry.  To change attitudes and behavior around sustainability, they are raising the bar on accountability and transparency with no greenwash allowed.  NOW is inviting inspiring and responsible properties to join the NOW Force for Good Alliance so the conscious traveller can find them.  Please consult this page - and the new NOW Track & Book technology will list them. 

Early this year, a survey revealed 87% of their travellers are looking for a Sustainable Travel Experience.  In their 2019 Travel Predictions, drew insight from 163 million verified guest reviews and research from 21,500 travellers across 29 countries and revealed that sustainability is a huge focus for travellers in the coming year with Conscious Travel,  Travel with a Purpose and Plastic Not-So-Fantastic:  Travel in 2019 - predictions of

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